Senin, 26 November 2007


1. Within the organization Brothers of Charity we form a network of centers for people with drug-related problems. We admit both drug addicts who find themselves in a dead-end situation or who are heading for a dead end, and their partners and/or relatives.

2. Our actions must always aim at quality and innovation in the fields of prevention, guidance, and the treatment of drug abuse. Our motivation is our conviction that change leads to a better life

3. To that purpose we run a network of centers that show solidarity towards one another. These centers are situated in Flanders and in Brussels. The various centers strive for integration into local co-operative initiatives involving partners that are also active in the field of prevention and the treatment of drug addiction or that are active in related sectors.

4. The basic principle of our activities is equality in all relationship, be they with clients, people from their environment, our staff and partners. As far as the clients and their partners and/or relatives are concerned, that means that we feel connected to them on a personal level and that we wish to put our professional competences at their disposition in order to trigger a process of change.

5. For the staff, that means that we can work in an open atmosphere in which everyone’s personal dignity, experience, competence, and individual merits are respected.

6. When it comes to cooperation with other initiatives on a professional level, we wish to share the expertise of our network and strive for an integrated approach of drug addiction.

7. We regard drug addiction as a complex problem that seriously affects the development of a person’s individual, relational, and social capacities. The treatment focuses on the addict’s behavior as well as on important biological, psychological, and social causes and consequences of addiction.

8. Our contribution to solving drug-related problems has three dimensions and is based on an integrated point of view:
· The aim of prevention is to teach people to enjoy themselves in a healthy way through the acquisition of a set of social skills
· The aim of guidance and treatment is to help clients to regain control of themselves and fulfilling individual, relational, and social needs
· We organize professional training to offer them the prospect of a job. This also involves attitude training in a well-adapted working environment.

9. By basing our actions on these points, we should be able to contribute to the physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing of people who have drug-related problem

Final version approved by the steering Committee on 16 October 2004

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